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Athena: 一卡在手,工作無憂。

Athena is an innovative RFID solution where users can track work progress and automate work processes in different businesses and industries. It can be deployed in phases within a company, across different parties and stakeholders, in accordance with need.

The benefits of using Athena include -

1 Minimize re-input process by using "task cards"

2 Integration with in-house ERP or business systems through simple parameter configurations

3 Improve the customers' experiences through utilizing automatic SMS, e-mails or instant messaging notifications

4 Increase work effectiveness and efficiency especially for untrained workers


Yip, Tse, Tang Solicitors

Athena has been used for over one year across most of YTT's business areas. YTT has several offices operating 365 days a year, with most solicitors based in Hong Kong.

After using this solution, the time taken for their re-input process has been reduced by 30%, and their work efficiency has increased by 40%. Customer satisfaction has improved as well, with an increased turnover rate of 20%, mainly due to smart notifications to customers that update customers on their case progress and other relevant information.


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